Architectural Review Process

Thinking of making an improvement to the exterior of your home?

One of the primary focuses of your HOA is to help protect your home's value. One of the way's the HOA does this is by ensuring your community's overall aesthetic is adhered to. This is why your HOA requires all exterior changes to your home be submitted for review by the Board or appointed committee. Please read on for a list of required documentation, instructions for submitting including contact information and a list of most frequently asked questions.

To download and print the information on this screen, CLICK HERE.


· Architectural Application – CLICK HERE to download the application
· Location of improvements marked on survey with distance to each property line marked
· Materials to be used (exact materials and paint choices)
· Photo sample of masonry you plan to use + photo of your home (if applicable)
· Dimensions of improvement including height, length and width
· To expedite the review process, please include the following with your application

1.  Login into Resident Portal and submit an Architectural Modification Request for processing and follow all instructions. Please allow to the end of the following business day to receive an email confirming receipt of your application.

2. Pay the review fee via Clickpay.
. Click here to go to the Clickpay website
      b. Proceed with making a one-time special assessment payment.

3. If you are required to place a refundable compliance deposit,please mail a check to the following address:
c/o FirstService Residential
5316 West US-290 Service Road, Ste. 100
Austin, TX 78735


Q: What types of improvement projects do I need to submit for approval?

A: Anything that modifies the existing look of the home, fence, and the land. Any element that is added or changed on your home’s structure or lot including play equipment, pergolas/gazebos, pools, sidewalks, patios, fire pits, driveway modifications, changes to roofs, new landscaped areas, new paint choices and more.

Q: What types of projects do NOT need to be submitted for approval?

A: If you are maintaining your home by changing existing elements with new but the same design, color or specs as the old, then you do not have to submit for approval. For example: replacing your roof with the same material and color as the old roof, repainting trim and doors with the same color, refreshing or replacing existing landscaping with new plants. These projects are considered maintenance and do not require that you submit an application for review.

Q:  How long does the application process take?

A: Typically, the timeline is set to 30 days. The review usually take closer to 2 weeks considering all items are    submitted and a variance doesn’t have to be requested.  This timeframe can vary due to the volume of projects    submitted for review at the time. 

Q:  How will I know my application was received and either approved or denied?

A: You will receive email correspondence when your application is uploaded for review and when a decision has been made regarding the project. You may also receive notifications that more information is needed to complete the review so please watch your email closely.

Q:  Why am I being charged a fee?

A: Processing fees and/or review fees are required by your HOA because they contract with us for assistance with processing your application. These fees are not built into your HOA assessments as the service is provided on an as-needed basis.

Q: Why is a deposit required for some projects?

A: In some cases, the Board has deemed it necessary for the HOA to collect and hold a deposit in case there is damage to a common area and/or to ensure a project is installed as approved and inspected upon completion.

Q: How will I get my deposit back?

A: Upon completion of your project, please email [email protected] to let them know your project is completed. An inspection will occur within 10-14 days. After the inspection you will be notified of additional items needing to be corrected or your deposit refund will be processed. Please allow deposit refunds 10-15 business days for processing after the inspection is performed. For updates about the status of your refund, please reach out to your Community Manager directly.

Have another question not answered here? Please email [email protected].


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